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Afrischolarship will search the world to find money to educate and empower the African child. We ask you to donate today. It is our purpose to make sure the gift you give reaches the student the exact way you desire it.

The African story has gone in the wrong direction because education has competed with hunger, when in fact education could be a solution to hunger. Now that we have children willing to go school and some are doing all kinds of immoral self-sacrifice for education, let us help.
People are taking advantage of the poverty of the students. Since things are not things right and people have joined the system to increase the problems rather than solve them. This program gives you a chance to help as a giver. The receivers can help to jump start the African civil revolution by doing the right things. This revolution will be borne here. Afrischolarship will maintain relationship with our students with career counseling programs and other opportunities that will perpetuate the scholarship.

Donate today for quality education. You can help now to educate the African child.

Our scholarship programs can be competitive but is control by the wishes of the donors. Our mission is to search the world for money and match it with the African in need of it for educational purposes. We are open to receive educational material as well. We figured that education is a fast way to eradicating poverty.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment to the Donor is to make sure that all funds from donors are directed for the use of the intended beneficiary without any deduction.

Our Commitment to the scholar is to make sure that all those who apply and met the requirements of the donor are fairly considered for selection and award and that all the money awarded are directed for the use of the intended scholar without any deduction.

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